Mama Luv Cloth Pads

Mama Luv Cloth Pads are reusable menstural pads that can be used for years with proper care. Rinse soiled pads and place them in a wetbag until laundry day. Wash in warm water, along with other clothes or towels, and dry in medium heat (or air dry) without any fabric softeners or dryer sheets. If you are currently cloth diapering, your Mama Luv pads can be washed with your diapers.

Absorbency is measured in GSM (grams/sq metre). The higher the number, the better absorption. I have carefully determined the fabrics needed to reach the recommended gsm for Mama Luv pads using the following suggested GSM chart.

  Liner Light Moderate Heavy Super
Weight guidelines 140-150 gsm 280-300 gsm 560-600 gsm 840-900 gsm 1120-1200 gsm
Mama Luv Cloth Pads 150 gsm 300 gsm 625 gsm 1000 gsm 1290 gsm

The selections shown below can be customized to fit your needs. Just send me an email or FB message to discuss your needs.

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