Cloth Diaper Repair

In addition to new diapers and accessories, I also offer a repair service for cloth diapers. You are responsible for the cost of shipping the diaper(s) to me and the cost of shipping the repaired diaper back to you.

Note: volume discounts for repairs may be available--please ask.

Elastic Replacement

Price includes removal of old elastic without cutting the inner fabric or PUL. Replacement elastic is diaper elastic sourced from a cloth diaper sewing supply company. Leg elastic replacement includes both legs.

Elastic replacement may require slight alterations, such as adding casings for diapers with sewn-in elastic. This will make them easier to change in the future.

Pocket (and similar) diapers. Add $1.00 for AI0s.

  • Replace cased elastic (BumGenius, Sun Baby, etc.) in legs $4.00
  • Replace all cased elastic (back and legs) $5.50
  • Replace leg elastic that is sewn into the seam (Kawaii Baby, Thirsties, etc.) $5.50
  • Replace all elastic that is sewn into seam $7.00
  • Replace leg elastic in double gussetted diaper (Rumperooz, etc.) $8.00

Serged diapers (Apple Cheeks, etc.)

  • Replace leg elastic in serged diapers $7.00
  • Replace all elastic in serged diapers $11.00


Snaps used are the same KAM snaps that most diaper companies use. I have most of the BumGenius snap colours in stock.

  • Remove and replace snap $1.00 each
  • Conversion from velcro to snaps $6.00
  • Adding rise snaps to existing diaper $6.00
  • Adding snaps to diaper pocket and soakers $1.50 (includes both sides of snap)

Aplix (Velcro) Replacement (waiting for shipment of Aplix)

Price includes removal of existing Aplix (Velcro). Aplix used in replacement is sourced from a diaper sewing supply company.

  • Replace tabs (pair) $3.50
  • Replace centre tummy strip $3.00
  • Replace washing tabs (pair) $3.50

PUL Repair

I can't do anything with delaminated PUL; however, I can reseal small tears using a seam sealing tape sourced from a diaper sewing supply company. Prices subject to repair needed.

Please contact me through our Facebook page or email for further details.

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