Cloth Diaper Repair

Since I am only able to take on diaper repair projects IF I’m not busy with custom orders. Please contact me to see if I have time to repair your diapers.

A better option is to contact Pearl at Cloth for a Cause. You will be helping to support Cloth for a Cause in our region.

Note: volume discounts for repairs may be available--please ask.

Elastic Replacement

Price includes removal of old elastic without cutting the inner fabric or PUL. Replacement elastic is diaper elastic sourced from a cloth diaper sewing supply company. Leg elastic replacement includes both legs. Back elastic is replaced at the same time as leg elastic except where clearly not needed.

Elastic replacement may require slight alterations, such as adding casings for diapers with sewn-in elastic. This will make them easier to change in the future.

Turned and topstitched Pocket (and similar) diapers. Add $2.00 for AI0s because they must be opened to access the elastics and closed again.

  • Replace cased elastic (BumGenius, Sun Baby, Shine Baby, etc.) in legs $4.00
  • Replace back cased elastic $1.00 (Most diapers)
  • Replace leg elastic that is sewn into the seam (Kawaii Baby, Thirsties, Alva Baby, Ella Bella Bum, Bella Luna, Grovia, Funky Fluff, etc.) $5.50
  • Replace back elastic that is sewn into seam $1.50
  • Replace gusset elastic in double gussetted diaper (Rumperooz, Easy Peasy, etc.) $4.00

I can’t do Serged diapers (Apple Cheeks, etc.) at this time as they are difficult and very time consuming. Serged pocket diapers are usually ok. 


Snaps used are the same KAM snaps that most diaper companies use. I have most of the BumGenius snap colours in stock.

  • Remove and replace snap $1.00 each
  • Conversion from velcro to snaps $6.00
  • Adding rise snaps to existing diaper $6.00
  • Adding snaps to diaper pocket and soakers $1.50 (includes both sides of snap)

Aplix (Velcro) Replacement

Price includes removal of existing Aplix (Velcro). Aplix used in replacement is sourced from a diaper sewing supply company.

  • Replace tabs (pair) $3.50
  • Replace centre tummy strip $3.00
  • Replace washing tabs (pair) $3.50

PUL Repair

I can't do anything with delaminated PUL; however, I can reseal small tears using a seam sealing tape sourced from a diaper sewing supply company. Prices subject to repair needed.

Note: if you have a delaminated PUL diaper, it can be used as a swim diaper.

Please contact me through our Facebook page or email for further details.

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