14" Heavy Absorbency

Mama Luv Heavy Overnight pads are great for overnight use. These are extra long and have a flared back to provide more protection when sleeping. They have an absorbency rate of 1000 gsm which is provided by a layer of flannel between the top and bottom, and a layer of Zorb and a layer of hemp/bamboo fleece.

Rinse soiled pads and place in a wetbag until laundry day. Wash in warm water with clothes or towels and dry in the dryer or hang to dry. Any stains can be removed with Oxiclean or the sunlight. No fabric softeners or dryer sheets.

If you like this size of pad, but need a different absorbency level, please send me an email or FB message.

Pads listed below indicate top fabric, the back is waterproof softshell with the fleece side next to your underwear to prevent slippage. Pictures may show two pads so that you can see the top fabric and the bottom fabric; however, the listing is for one pad only.

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