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Sunshine Kids

Each kid is uniquely hand-sculptured and 100% kid-friendly, non-toxic, and fully washable. Just the right size for cuddling. No two faces or bodies are the same and each one has its own personality. Each kid has a heart shaped birth mark somewhere on their body and tiny heart shaped twinkles in their eyes to add to their cuteness factor.

The Sunshine family consists of:

Kids are about 16". Girls have long hair and boys have short curly or straight hair and sometimes no hair. They come with a nightie or sleeper and fitted diaper.

Babies are about 13". They have shorter hair in a variety of styles or no hair at all. They come with a nightie or sleeper and a fitted diaper.

Newborns are about 9" and are a little chubby and usually bald. They are the perfect size for very small children and very easy to wash. They come with a diaper and either a nightie and bonnet or a sleeper and toque.

Check out the Doll Clothes and Accessories category on the home page for clothing and accessories to fit all sizes of Sunshine Kids and other soft bodied dolls.

Each doll has a custom made name bracelet made from small beads. Please remove bracelet if giving the doll to a small child. You can rename your doll by typing in a new name in the "Change name to:" box.

Lyndsay--13" Baby
Our Price: CAD $50.00  
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Note: Use a wet cloth to clean dolls--avoid getting them too wet as they take a long time to air dry. They are machine washable, if needed. When machine washing dolls with "hair", please place them into a washing bag or pillow case to avoid having their "hair" tangle in the washer or dryer. Wash in cold water and use medium/low heat to dry. Placing them in the dryer with a load of towels will help them dry quicker.

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