Shipping Information

We use Canada Post's regular shipping rates for all shipping. All items are weighed and that weight is used by the shopping cart to calculate the total weight of your order. The following weights (in grams) are used for Canadian orders and follow Canada Post's shipping costs (rounded off):

Up to 200 g 201 g to 300 g 301 g to 400 g 401 g to 500 g Over 500 g
$3.00 $4.30 $4.95 $5.30  Express Post

Note: Canadian Express Post starts at $17; however, you will pay only $10 and I will cover the rest of the cost.

The following weights (in grams) are used by Canada Post for U.S. orders:

Up to 100 g 101 g to 200 g 201 g to 500 g Over 500 g
$2.95 $5.15 $10.30 Express Post

The average big bib weighs 24 g., bandanas weigh 23 g., infinity bibs weigh 26 g., and monster bibs weigh 55 g. Your order will be vacuum sealed to condense it so that it fits within the standard shipping sizes. Don't worry, it will fluff back up!

Expect your shipment (in Canada) within two weeks and up to four weeks if you live in the U.S. Local pickup (in Prince George) may be available; however, is limited due to insurance regulations. Sorry for any inconvenience. If you have any questions, please email me through the Contact Us page.

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